Whitechapel London Cheap Escort

Are you going to visit East London? Start with Whitechapel district! Because of the London Docklands the Whitechapel has been a popular place among immigrants. Since 19th and 20th century the area of Whitechapel in London has been the centre of London Jewish community. The history of the Whitechapel is not so bright, the place has witnessed many killings, commonly known as Whitechapel murders. Between 1888 and 1891 someone known as Jack The Ripper committed about eleven murders of women.

It is an important place for every theatre and art lover as it was once a location for two famous 19th century theatres - The Effingham and The Pavilion, which Charles Dickens, Jr. described in his book Dickens's Dictionary of London. As 20th century came, the place became the home of Yiddish theatre, which satisfied the large Jewish population in the nearby area. Thanks to The Jewish Theatre, the Anglo-Jewish "Whitechapel Boys" began their artistic movement. You will also find Whitechapel Art Gallery in here. The other group of people who find this part of London to be special are political activists. Indeed, Whitechapel has an amazing history that will definitely be interesting to learn. If you are some near the Whitechapel, make sure to come and visit this amazing place. You should also be happy to know that the nightlife in here is always full of great parties. Thanks to the immigrant population in Whitechapel, here you will find a lot of interesting restaurants with cuisines from around the world! Be willing to try them all. If you are thinking about the transport in Whitechapel the connection is a great one. Whitechapel and Aldgate are the nearest Underground Stations in Whitechapel from where you can travel to central London or any other destination. There are also a number of buses that will take you to many interesting places all around London. Roads A11 with its destination to the south and A13 to the east west are connected to Whitechapel so you can travel easily. Here you will find something when you are an avid cyclist. Cycle Superhighway CS2, which runs from Aldgate to Stratford on the A11.

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