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If you are a fun of sports, especially football, you should be associated with the Wembley Stadium. It is not only the stadium of football, but also rugby and many other special events that took place here. It was opened in 2007 in the site of the former Wembley Stadium, which was unfortunately demolished in 2003. It can seat many people - here you will find 90.000 seats! The building is the largest stadium in UK and the largest football stadium in England. As a fun of football you have heard for sure that the place hosted the 2011 and 2013 UEFA Champions League Finals and many football tournaments. Since 1929 the Rugby league Challenge Cup are present on the stadium. The Rugby League had many transfers from the Wembley and now it has its constant plays here. Other sports that appear here are American Football and Boxing shows. Besides footballs, rugby and boxing, the Wembley Stadium was the place that hosted many music events but, to your surprise, it also hosted private events like conferences and even weddings. George Michael gave the first concert here. Other stars that appeared at the Wembley Stadium were Rihanna, Usher, Green Day, Madonna, Muse and many more. If you plan to visit the place and wonder how to get to the Wembley Stadium, you should know that Wembley is connected to Wembley Park Station and Wembley Central underground stations, but also buses have its frequent route to the stadium. The Wembley Stadium is a really breathtaking building; it is so huge that you will see it from far away. It is also worth to come here during the night to see this place while many lights light it. Wembley is an interesting place in London; here you can visit some great pubs, where you will feel an amazing atmosphere of football, especially during matches. Can you imagine it? Football is in the air here. But instead of going to the stadium you can also go shopping here, you will find shops, boutiques and many other interesting places, which will attract your attention. But what will attract your attention the most are Sexy Cheap London Escorts. Wondering who are they, where did they come from?

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