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So what are your thoughts now? Do you think that you could try? Do not think too long! Just take your phone, call the best London Cheap Escorts and let yourself be the happiest man in the world! But if you want to associate with the English culture and history, you are welcomed in the Royal Albert Hall it is a huge concert hall in the Centre of London. The building is commonly known for its size (it can seat up to 5272 people) and the events that the Royal Albert Hall housed. The Hall has been holding concerts since 1941. The most popular Classical Music concerts took place in the Hall - Band of the Household Cavalry, Royal Choral Society, the London Chorus. But to your surprise the Royal Albert Hall is not only the place of concerts but also many other events like the ballet shows, boxing and tennis matches. While visiting this famous place you should also know that annual The Promenade Concerts take place here. The party is commonly known as "Proms". It is a very old building and form the very beginning is had a big problem with the echo phenomenon which was present at the Royal Hall. The reason for this natural phenomenon is that the building was simply too big and too high to avoid it, so big fibreglass dishes were hung from the ceiling. It is also a tourist attraction and visitors have even named those dishes. They call them "mushrooms" or "flying saucers", but it worked out the problem and made the quality of the music much better. Because the music is the most important here. When you are still thinking if it is worth to visit the place - the answer is YES. You should visit the Royal Albert Hall because here you will feel the atmosphere of English, British history.