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When you are in London you might want to visit one of its suburban districts - East Ham. It is located in the London Borough of Newham. The first settlement that was recorded here dates back to 958. East Ham was also included in the Domesday in 1086 as Hamme. This part of London is quite diverse when it comes to religion, you can find many places of worship for different religions. The multi-cultural area made East Ham so diverse, the majority of people are South Asians and African, Caribbean and eastern European, unfortunately East Ham was a place with a fourth highest level of unemployment in Britain, with 16.5 percent of its residents registered unemployed. Unemployment made the East Ham in London one of the worst areas in the country for child poverty. Around seven in ten children from East Ham are from the low-income families. Coming to East Ham you will have an opportunity to try some ethic tastes offered by many stores and restaurants. Here you can find many South Asian restaurants, which offer traditional South Indian cuisine. One of many is Saravanaa Bhavan, which is popular in Europe, Canada and United States. Walking down the streets of East Ham in London you will notice many Edwardian and Victorian town houses. Want to relax in the park or take a walk in some fresh-aired area? Here you will find two big parks, Central Park and Plashet Park located in East Ham. The green space offers open space with playgrounds and cafes. If you do not like big parks, the East Ham offers some smaller areas to relax on.

Priority Park and Flanders Fields; Flanders Fields is a home to Flanders FC and in late 1940s and 1950s English football captain Bobby Moore played here as a child, so it is a place where this famous person started his passion and later his career. It is definitely a place that you will want to visit, come here when you have some time in your hands. You will not regret your choice of coming to East Ham in London. Here gaining new cultural awareness will be the part of your trip. When you are already in East Ham you will want to have even more fun. This is a possible thanks to the fact that you can meet many stunning women in here. They will accompany you at any time you want, they will be happy to help you with filing your time. Be sure to call London Cheap Escorts, it is this one phone call that stands between you and that beauty. It is not much, what do you think? Later when you meet gorgeous Escort Girl you will have a truly wonderful time; that is because they know exactly what you need and they will show you the most amazing time of your life. On the other hand you can tell them your needs and dreams, they will give their best to achieve it with you. If you are ready for your adventurous night then you know where to find the Sexy London Escorts.