Buckinghamshire Cheap Escort

Have you ever been to Buckinghamshire? It is usually abbreviated Bucks. It is a home county found in South East England, it borders Greater London. The largest town in the county is Milton Keynes in the northeast, which with the surrounding area is administered as separate to the rest of Buckinghamshire. So if you have some free time in your hands, do not forget to visit this amazing place. There are quite a few places that mind interest you. One of them would be Bletchley Park, this is where you can find The National Museum of Computing, it is museum in the UK dedicated to collecting and restoring historic computer systems and here you will see the rebuild of Colossus Mark 2, it was a machine that during World War II helped to break German encryption. It is also here where British were code breaking during the World War II. Bletchley Park, opened seven days a week is now a huge heritage attraction; it is popular as well as school groups and tour parties and with individuals and families. There is also a lot more to see here so you will surely have a lot of fun. Another area includes a range of electro-mechanical punched card machines. An Internet gallery is one of the places, which an internet and media funs should visit. The gallery is sponsored by the National Physical Laboratory where packet switching was first developed, was opened, along with a education room and a shop. Buckinghamshire is known for some notable people in connection with whom tourist attractions have been set up, for example the author Roald Dahl, he included many characters and local features in his works. The whole county is well known for being home to the famous Pinewood Studios named "Eton Dorney" which was used for the 2012 Summer Olympics as the rowing venue.

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