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One of the districts in East London is Bow. It is located in London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Bow is actually an abbreviation for the name that was once in use – Stratford-atte-Bowe. The name refers to the bridge, which was built in the 12 century. The Bow in London was restored, and the restoration included improvement of council homes, it was connected with the 2012 Olympic Games which took place in Stratford. A sporting complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics, in London, United Kingdom is called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park situated to the east of the city adjacent to the Stratford City It contains the Olympic Village, the London Stadium, London Aquatics Centre and the London Olympics Media Centre. Be sure to wander around when you are here, quite a few landmarks are waiting to be discovered by you. A statue William Ewart Gladstone who was a British Liberal politician stands here. There is also another great thing in Bow. Small granite obelisk with a cast bronze plaque on the front with inscription as above presents the memorial of George Lansbur. It is also good to know a bit of the Bow history. And the Bow porcelain factory was a part of it. But unfortunately it was active in 1747 to 1776. The Bow porcelain factory was the biggest rival to the Chelsea porcelain factory in the production of early soft-paste porcelain in Great Britain. The local council owns a significant collection, which is located in the Heritage and Arts Service of Bow.

If you are a fan of reality shows that you might already know that a Big Brother UK house was in here. It is an exciting feeling to visit the place you have frequently seen in the television. You need to visit Bow at least once. Bow has also a great connection all around England. Here you can find the underground station, which makes you feel connected with the whole London. Buses operate within the whole area. Bow is a good place for cyclists because here you can find the Cycle Superhighway CS2 running from Stratford to Aldgate as well as the Hertfort Union Canal towpath and Lea Valley Walk. While you are here do not forget about the ladies in the area – our London Escorts. They are truly amazing. When you are with them she will help you to enter the world of pleasure. Sometimes it is only your imagination that takes the first place in your head, but here dreams comes true. Passion and desire will be an important part of this day. You are going to have a truly wonderful night with those women. Those Hot Escort Girls are something more than just a pretty face and sexy body. They are also very unique and most importantly a perfect company. But hey, let's face the fact; nobody wants to spend time with ugly women. Here you will not find the ugly ones. London Cheap Escorts are one of the most beautiful girls in London. And they are all for you, they will fulfil your needs because you have got them for sure.