Houses of Parliament

On the north bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster in Central London, you will find the amazing place, which is certainly the "heart of British politics" is the Houses of Parliament - its official name is the Palace of Westminster. It is the place where two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom meet: The House of Lords and the House of Commons. Probably the most beautiful building in London had a really hard history. The building was probably built in 11th century, after 500 years of its existence much of the building was destroyed by the fire. It was rebuilt, the country needed the place for its parliament, and then it was destroyed by the fire again, this time in 1834 and obviously rebuilt again. The mayor works that took place in the Houses of Parliament took place after the bombing during the Second World War. Many people come to see the Palace and the Elizabeth tower, where the bell inside the clock is called the Big Ben. Is it one of the main attractions around the world. It looks great during the day but during the night its real beauty can be easily seen. All the towers and mini towers are highlighted by the lights. An interesting place which you should see in the Palace of Westminster is the Robing room, it could be also said that the room itself is a piece of art. Paintings on the walls, frescoes, the floor is decorated with heraldic devices showing the rose and lion, portcullis and the shield with arms of the Knights of the Round Table the fireplace was designed by Edward Barry, and it is the place where the Queen puts on the Imperial State Crown and her ceremonial robes before going to the House of Lords.

The Westminster Palace consists the ground floor with offices, dining rooms, bars. The principal floor is the first floor, which houses debating chambers, lobbies, and libraries. Committee rooms and offices are on the top-two floors, this incredible building houses four levels, 1,100 rooms and around 3 miles of passageways. But after you have visited the great place, which is the House of Parliament, you might want to do something different. The whole London is worth exploring; here you will find many amazing pubs and clubs, which would provide you with a great entertainment, and restaurants where you can eat some traditional British cuisine. How does it sound? But those places do not have to visit when you are alone. London Cheap Escorts are the girls who can assist you during this cool trip. The girls will show you some interesting places, as they know the area well. It is normal that you do not know which club in London is the best; Cheap London Escorts are here to help you with that. The girls like an atmosphere of the party, they love to dance and sing. Do you want her to join you? With a London Cheap Escort you will have the best night in the club! Do you prefer to stay at home? No problem. Our Escort Ladies are also willing to accompany you in your hotel room. Girls are beautiful, talkative and open-minded so do not wait too long, call your dream girl right now! After spending an hour or a night with that girl you will be the most satisfied man in the world! You can wonder why. The answer is that London Escort Girls have one goal to achieve. Their main goal is to satisfy you and fulfil your dreams! You cannot ever imagine what they can do with their bodies. Call your dream girl and see what is going to happen!